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User Invitation API

This section describes the API for registering users to an existing workspace (group) and the API for retrieving a list of users.


  • Add and invite users to specified groups in existing workspaces.
  • In order to send emails, the SendGrid service must be used in advance.


  • Contact Hexabase with the SendGrid API_KEY and template ID for sending emails and receive an email_template_id.
  • (Optional) By using the Hexabase default email template, you can proceed with development without issuing an email_template_id.


User registration

NoAPI NameAPI NameMethodURIPurposeversionSupport for display ID(display_id)
47AddUserAdd UserPOST/api/v0/usersCreate a new user in the groupv0-
52UserInviteUser invitePOST/api/v0/userinviteSend invitation email to usersv0-
UserImportImport usersPOST/api/v0/userimportImport users into specified groupsv0-
51RemoveUserRemove userDELETE/api/v0/usersRemove user from groupv0-
ResetUserPasswordPassword initialization request (workspace administrator)POST/api/v0/users/password/resetThe workspace administrator will ask the user to change their password.v0-

Sequence Diagram


Get user list

NoAPI NameAPI NameMethodURIPurposeversionSupport for display ID(display_id)
GetUsersInGroupGet list of users in specified groupGET/api/v0/groups/:group-id/usersGet a list of users in the specified groupv0-
GetUsersInWorkspaceGet a list of users in a workspaceGET/api/v0/workspaces/:workspace-id/usersGet a list of users in the specified workspacev0-
GetAllUsersInWorkspaceGet all users in a groupGET/api/v0/users/all/g/:group-idGet all users of a group (not recommended)v0-