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Upload a File in the attachment field


Upload a file in the attachment field

  • Uploaded files are stored in Storage, but are not registered to Items.
  • In order to register to the corresponding Item, use the file_id included in the Response to execute the action API (CreateItemWithItemIDorExecuteAction) must be called.
  • It is available only when the accessing user has workspace, data store, item, or field access.



Request URL Format


URL Params

app-id           : Application ID (application ID specified from the screen, or p_id)
datastore-id : Datastore ID (Datastore ID specified from the screen or d_id)
item-id : Item ID
field-id : Field ID

Content-Type : multipart/form-data

filename         : File name
file : File

Request URL Sample


Response Sample

"file_id": "59af720c0e247958c7011a88"